Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Programs

Mr. Michael C. Hearn
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Programs
(330) 767-3577

Mrs. Kari Wentling
Curriculum & Special Education Secretary
(330) 767-3913
Fairless Local Schools Continuous Improvement Goals:
  1. Academic Goal

    1. Conduct a curriculum audit

    2. Train staff to deconstruct standards/identify power standards, reinvigorate maps

    3. Incorporate tiered vocabulary in all areas

    4. Train staff in high quality literacy strategies to improve reading and writing

  2. Climate and Conditions

    1. Train staff on Social Justice

      1. The Why and the How

      2. Train staff on Co-Plan to Co-Serve

      3. Train staff in UDL and Differentiation

    2. Train staff on school-wide support systems

    3. Train staff on trauma and resiliency

  3. Literacy - Reading and Writing Strategies

    1. Deconstruct standards

    2. Audit resources/identify needs

    3. Vertically align writing curriculum

    4. Create pre/post assessments for each type of writing (opinion, narrative, informative)

    5. TBTs begin using the 5-step process using data and shared instructional strategies

    6. Provide PD on literacy best practices

      1. Tiered vocab strategies