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Welcome to Fairless Local Schools
800 7th St SE
Brewster, OH 44613
Phone: 330.767.3577
Fax: 330.767.3298


The Fairless Local School District is in the heart of this scenic one hundred square miles in southwestern Stark County. The district draws students from the villages of Beach City, Brewster, Navarre, Wilmot, and the townships of Sugar Creek and Bethlehem. Fairless Local Schools was formed by the consolidation of the Beach City, Brewster, and Navarre Schools which all had their own high school. After the former Fairless High School was opened in 1966, the district housed grades K-6 at three elementary buildings which were formerly the old high schools. In 2007, the district opened two new buildings, a Fairless Elementary School (K-5) and a Fairless Middle School (6-8). In 2023, the new Fairless High School opened. This state of the art facility was built in partnership with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and was funded locally using tax revenue from natural gas pipelines running through the district.

Mission Statement

Educate and empower Fairless to Soar to Excellence!

Vision Statement

Fairless is the community where families want to learn, live, work, and grow.

Vision Statement Areas


Ensure engaging, relevant, and rigorous educational opportunities where all become expert learners.

Culture and Climate

Ensure a culture that is safe, supportive, and successful for all.


Provide a positive experience where all feel valued.


Provide clear and consistent two-way communication in which all remain informed and have a voice.


Ensure responsible and transparent use of the community’s resources to provide an exceptional education for all.

Fairless Local Schools Portrait of a Graduate


  • Foundational Knowledge-Graduates will have an academic experience that achieves high expectations for each student’s individual development.

  • Well-Rounded Content-Graduates will have access to a range of options for co-curricular and extracurricular activities that reflect students' interests, goals and learning profiles.



  • Adaptability-Graduates will use their skills, knowledge, and experiences to identify possible solutions for complex problems.

  • Growth Mindset- Graduates will embrace challenges and be persistent in their learning.

  • Motivated- Graduates will show an eagerness to ask questions and explore beyond what is required; discovering, learning and understanding. 



  • Critical thinking-Graduates will develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, problem-solving competencies, and technology proficiency.

  • Innovative- Graduates will be self-directed learners, who are flexible with their knowledge and learn as they go, adapt to the situation, and use critical thinking skills.

  • Curious-Graduates will ask thoughtful questions, dig deeply into issues, and consider multiple perspectives when tackling problems and developing new processes.



  • Intrapersonal skills-Graduates will assume developmentally and age-appropriate responsibility for learning through effective decision-making, goal setting, and time management.

  • Effective communication skills - Graduates will clearly, concisely and truthfully articulate their thoughts in verbal and written formats while respecting the targeted audience and other points of view.

  • Collaborator-Graduates will work well with others by respecting differences and actively listening in order to practice cooperation and compromise in problem solving.



  • Service Learning - Graduates will engage in community service experiences to help meet societal needs.

  • Ethical- Graduates will act with integrity and take responsibility for their actions and decisions.