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Welcome to the student portion of the Fairless Local Schools website.  Here you will find useful information and links for students of all levels.  Classroom links will be organized by grade level on the right, and common links will be provided below.  

Student Handbook

Fairless Help Desk

The Help Desk is used to communicate with the technology department when you are experiencing technology issues, particularly with your student Chromebook.  After clicking the link, use your school provided username and password to log in.  Be clear with the problems you are having with your device and submit the ticket.  When done, make sure to turn your device in to the school office for whatever building you're in.

Home Access Center

The Home Access Center can be used by students in grades 4-12 to check grades.  Usernames and passwords are the typical usernames and passwords students use for computer use.  If you are having trouble logging in, please contact the office of whatever school you're at.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a platform used across many grade levels for course management.  You will need your school username and password to log in.

Cafeteria / Lunch Menus

Click to see what the cafeteria is offering for meals or add money to your school cafeteria account.

Vacation Form

Click to view and downlad a vacation form.  Forms need to be turned in to buidling offices prior to vacations.


FinalForms is a student registration tool used by Fairless Local Schools to update student registration information and form data. Students need to complete FinalForms for computer use by completing the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).   If you are a registered user in FinalForms, click HERE to access the forms. 

See Something, Say Something

The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System allows you to submit secure, anonymous safety concerns to help someone who may hurt themselves or others. Click the link above for more details.


eHallPass is the High School Pass system for permission to leave class. 

Elementary School Links

Middle School Links

High School Links