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    We have relocated Fairless High School and Fairless Board of Education offices.  Our new address is:

    800 7th Street, SE

    Brewster, OH 44613

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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Broc Bidlack

Image of broc bidlack

Welcome to the Fairless Local School District! Whether you are new to Fairless or are returning for another year, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.  We continuously strive to develop our programs so that our students reach an even higher level of achievement.   We are committed to our mission statement–”The Fairless Local School community will provide a well rounded, quality education allowing equal opportunity for each student to grow scholastically and socially into productive, responsible adults who are able to compete in a global, technological society.”


We are currently building a new high school with the projected completion date of January 2023.  We are very excited to have this new state of the art high school serve many future generations of Fairless students.  


Broc Bidlack



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